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About Us

8 Balls & A Box was formed in the spring of 2007 from previous members of Stigmata: Gene McElroy, Ramiro (Tiny) Rosalez, Melanie Lunceford, Jacob Yowell, & Tim Lunceford.  Basically, it was the old Stigmata lineup under a different name, but with a totally new attitude. The goal that they have is focusing on music that was popular in the 70's, 80's 90's and into the 21st century.

It was soon apparent that the need for a male singer, to help out with the vocals, was pretty high. Tiny mentioned that there was a guy that he worked with that said that he could sing. Not too long after that, Barton Clemans was trying out for the band. After a few sessions with the group, he was welcomed into the band officially.

Soon after the band got into the swing of things, they lost their bass player, Tiny. He decided that his calling was elsewhere and chose to move on. Jacob was moved to bass and is the current bassist for 8 Balls & A Box. Not too long after Tiny left, and Jacob moved to bass, it was decided that the need for another guitarist was a must.

After a few different inquiries into the position, which none of them panned out, a number was given to them, by a close friend, for a guitar player that might be interested. After a few phone conversations and some time at few rehearsals, Steve Rhodes was welcomed into the band as the new guitarist of 8 Balls & A Box.

In January of 2010, Gene McElroy decided to leave the group for reasons outside of the bands control.

After the departure of Gene, a few months went by and it was decided to seek out another guitarist. After a few different inquiries into different guitarists, a suggestion was made to give a friend of Jacob's a call. After rehearsing with the group a couple different times, it was unanimously decided to welcome Jeff Nichols into the band.

In the winter of 2011, Jeff Nichols decided to part ways with the band.  Jeff will be missed, but the band understood his reasoning for leaving the group.  The band had a ton of fun with him during his stay in the band and wishes him well.

After Jeff's departure, Jacob decided that he would like to move to guitar as that is his primary instrument and wanted to get back into playing it again.  That meant that the band was now on the search for a bassist.  After making a few phone calls and talking to a few different people, a new bassist was found.  In February of 2012, the they officially welcomed Amos De LaCerda into the band as the new bassist.  

In the winter of 2013, our brother Jacob decided to move to Las Vegas, Nevada.  Over the course of the next 2 years the band would be on hold until either a new guitarist was found or Jacob decided to move back.  

In the summer of 2015, Jacob moved back to Liberal and the band was officially take out of a holding pattern.  We are now working up new covers to play and are eager to get out and perform.  

Thanks to all that have been fans of this band for all of these years, we will be jamming in your town real soon, so be on the look out.


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