All Night Long

We'd like to officially welcome you to the new and improved site.  This site still requires registration to post in the forums and to post comments.  We welcome you to visit our new multimedia section.  It has videos from our earliest days to our most recent show on New Years Eve.  We are still tweaking certain areas of the site, so if you see something that is outa whack, please forgive us, as we are still playing.  If you have questions, comments or just suggestions for things, please drop us an email @ webmaster at

Ok, enough about the site.  If you were at the New Years Eve show, some of you already know that we are going to be taking a few months off to learn a ton of new material, and maybe, just maybe present you with some of our own original material.  Thanks again for supporting us, and we will see you in the near future.


Jan 18
This past year was a very emotional year for us.  We've had our fair share of ups and downs.  We are ready for a new year want to thank everyone for sticking it out with us.  We feel that this next year is going to be an awesome one for us.  We want to thank all of our fans that have stuck with us through these past few years and want to wish everyone a very happy and prosperous new year.  We will be taking a few months off to work on material and quite possibly have some of our very own songs to play for you.  Thanks for your support and we will see you at our next show in Guymon, Oklahoma in May.


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